Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fort Hays State University not rebranding

As part of its strategic plan through 2020 announced in fall 2007, Fort Hays State University had considered changing its name to the University of Western Kansas. Part of the justification of the change was that it was unclear where the school was located, it was the only state institution in the western portion of Kansas, and Fort Hays (the namesake of the institution) had not been operational since 1889 and only had a historical connection to Hays, KS. Prior to the 1977 name change to Fort Hays State University, the school had Kansas as part of its previous names:
  • 1902 - Western Branch of the Kansas Normal School
  • 1914 - Fort Hays Kansas State Normal School
  • 1923 - Kansas State Teachers College of Hays
  • 1931 - Fort Hays Kansas State College
  • 1977 - Fort Hays State University
The name change initiative was unpopular with a majority of students and some perspective donors. A Facebook group protesting the name change garnered support from over 1,000 individuals while a similar group promoting the new name only had three proponents.

On December 12, 2007, President Edward H. Hammond announced that the Fort Hays State name would remain.

Dare to Dream document that promoted the name change.

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